Good branding helps your company be defined, identified, recognized and greatly increases your value. Contrary to popular belief branding is not limited to a logo and a slogan.

At DCTA we cover every aspect of branding from design, analysis, awareness forecasting all the way to implementation, adaptation & maintenance.

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Marketing is the deliberate communication of value, intended to influence consumer decisions and target the right clientele for you business. The entire marketing process begins with market research, identifying your target market, and understanding customer needs. Marketing operations include all aspects of the business, from developing the product concept to pricing and placement. The goal of marketing is to get people interested in your product or service no matter where they are in the sales cycle.

At DCTA we make full use of our Research and analytics team to make sure your product is exposed, polished & targeted to the right people with a higher conversion rate.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become the backbone of any company's sales. The ability to attract customers & communicate has never been easier.

Good digital marketing requires good content, good strategy as well as technical knowledge. Trends and engagement changes on a daily basis and it is extremely important to adapt accordingly.

DCTA takes pride in its Digital Marketing division. We have an extremely dynamic team that makes sure that your company has a good presence as well as constantly grows and captures your audience.



Advertising is the attempt to influence the buying behavior of customers or clients with a persuasive selling message about products and/or services. In business, the goal of advertising is to attract new customers by defining the target market and reaching out to them with an effective ad campaign.

After the growth of the digital age, advertising has been leaning towards the herd mentality where most companies just run the same concept with a few changes here and there.

At DCTA we bring back the creativity creating tailor made campaigns to let our clients be seen as industry leader while capturing the audience's attention.


Public Relations

PR people are storytellers, it is a business of persuasion. They create narratives to advance their agenda.  PR can be used to protect, enhance or build reputations through the media, social media, or self-produced communications.  It is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their public.

A message is usually misinterpreted and looses its core as it goes from one source to the next. DTCA ensures the message is delivered loud and clear without compromising the companies reputation and message.Our PR services include crises management where we take control of the narrative and safeguard the company's best interests.


Media Production

In today's market, media production tends to make or break your product. Photography, videography, animation and 3d modelling have become a vital resource for any product or service.

DCTA has a complete media department equipped to handle anything from the likes of content for digital media to full scale commercials and campaigns completely bespoke to your requirements & budget.



Events are the best way to let your audience experience your brand. Brand & product activations, team building, staff functions and awards or community events are just a few examples of occasions where you can connect and showcase your brand more effectively.

DCTA takes care of the whole process from the initial budgeting till making sure attendees get home safely so you can enjoy your own event stress free.


Web Development

Web development is the building and maintenance of websites; it’s the work that happens behind the scenes to make a website look good, work fast and perform well with a seamless user experience. Since a website has become a necessity business asset it is the best place to showcase your company, sell services or products directly and be found easily.

DCTA guarantees the best in terms of performance as well as aesthetic. Our concepts always follow the current market trends and our advanced SEO techniques make sure that you always get found easily.


Influencer marketing

At a fundamental level, influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers–individuals who have a dedicated social following and are viewed as experts within their niche.


With the rise of influencer marketing,The task of picking the right influencers and brand ambassadors for your company can become overwhelming and in certain circumstances can have a negative effect on your brand as well as disappointing results.


DCTA only pitches the best and most effective Influencers, that fit your brand giving you the best results.