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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

The word 'Marketing' is often misinterpreted. Many clients often come to us with one simple requirement. 'We need effective marketing'. This is not wrong, but most of the time, it is an extremely vague requirement that the client does not fully comprehend. This article will try to fix this common misconception.

The Oxford dictionary defines ‘Marketing’ as ‘the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.’ A good definition but let’s dwell a little deeper. Think of marketing as the ocean, just like the ocean it’s vast, not completely explored and we discover new things everyday. There is no company on the face of the earth that uses every marketing tool for their business and similarly there is no individual or company that can effectively use every single resource available. Read that again. The success of your business depends on the channels, tactics and tools best suited to your business.

In today's world, it gets harder and harder to break even, let alone make a profit without a good marketing strategy and plan in effect. If you are exploring marketing options i think it is safe to say you want to increase sales, generate more leads maybe even raise PR and brand awareness end goal is to grow your business. But stop for a second, we understand that you want to become the next Jeff Bezos but let's break this down further. Yes what you need is marketing, but there may be a more specific focal point which will save your time and money.


You have the next best product or service and Marketing is what you need to take your product or service, perfect it and sell it to the end client. Marketing includes and is not limited to market research (if you have not checked who you are competing with, how you should be priced and your customers trends you may want to reconsider), segmentation, formation and development of a marketing plan and budgeting. Product development works closely with marketing to make changes or design the product in a way that makes it more appealing to your clients. To summarise, marketing is the ongoing planning stage to understanding your target clients, finding out what they need and catering to that need in the most profitable way. The activities needed are completely up to your business and product. You may already have all the boxes ticked from when you decided to start. Always helps to ask a trusted professional. Digital marketing is the execution of the above on digital channels (not just posting a picture and utilizing paid ads)


Branding is not just a logo. Good branding consists of creation of all brand assets (logo, typography, narrative, guidelines) and a good branding department will use elements, colors and symbolism that is most likely to emotionally trigger your target audience (that you discovered with your market analysis) to make you stick out from the competition and create loyal customers. It is essential if your brand is to stay in the market over time. People do not buy luxury brands like Dior or Versace for a higher price because their quality is the most superior, they buy it for the name that these companies have built over time. When you buy a Rolls Royce you do pay for a luxury vehicle you pay for the status associated with it. This is not limited to luxury. You would pick Mcdonald's as opposed to a local place you have not heard of before because you identify it easily and trust the brand.


Advertising is one of the biggest influences in society. Dictators used it and it was called propaganda but it is essentially showcasing your product or service to the masses in a way that makes you their first (if not only) choice. This does not mean you put up banners saying look at me or visit us now. Advertising has become more and more competitive as time has passed and the need for creative advertising that converts has never been as high.

Public Relations (PR):

Public Relations is the voice of your company. It deals with influencing what the public thinks or feels about your company. This includes customer relations, what the media says about your organisation, press releases and so on. We have found that most people in our market associate PR with Influencer Marketing which again is a misconception. Influencer Marketing if done the right way is a useful tool but not the most essential.

There is no standard workflow, strategy or plan that fits all businesses equally. We can learn a lot from case studies but business changes as time goes by. You need to understand what your business really needs before investing in the wrong side. Advertising without Branding or Marketing will definitely get you sales, but it is not a long term solution.We at DC-The agency makes sure we understand your problems and business in depth before we propose the services you would need. Feel free to contact us and make an appointment (we do not charge for an initial consultation)

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