About Us

DC The Agency was formed as the evolution of Creation by Redemption, a digital marketing and branding agency.


DC The Agency is an all-in-one media, advertising, branding, public relation and marketing firm. We offer above market services in terms of dedication and quality with fair and tailored prices.


Created by industry pioneers and veterans to provide you and your needs with outstanding services which are designed around our client’s ROI and long term goals in mind.

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Why Us?


DCTA is the next stage of Creation by Redemption, one of the fastest growing

agencies of 2016-2019, the next generation of Smash Advertising (est. 1995) by strategically acquiring and merging with various Production, PR, Marketing and Web Development companies. Our work is testament to over two decades of cumulative experience.

Unique Business Model

We have industry leading resources,  providing you with outstanding service, exceptional value for money and return on investment. Our costs are stretched across a diverse portfolio of in-house brands thus resulting in the optimal outcome at lower rates.

Everything in house

We do not outsource any of our work. In the rare event that we do not have a particular service in our product list. We source, negotiate and ask the vendor to bill you directly.


From the owners to the division heads, most of our team run their own businesses apart from the in-house brands/projects which assists with understanding your business better and delivering custom, quality services.

Modular Pricing

All our packages are tailored to your business with multiple payment options. You as the client will never pay for services that do not provide you with a return on investment.

Perfect balance

We are creatives, have our own tech department, extremely business savvy and take pride in our client service. You would not have to be concerned about bridging the mode of communication as your account manager will translate your vision and goals to the team.

The DC Ecosystem

From printing, government setup, fashion, healthcare and even industrial supplies, we let all clients take full advantage of DCTA’s ever-growing portfolio of companies and clients alike with in-house discounts & pre agreed client discounts respectively.